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Hallow's Eve Rain by shinga Hallow's Eve Rain by shinga
A big HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone! This was done from scratch(photoshop) and took me I think about two hours ^^;
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myeyesinthemirror Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
i really love your shading and coloring!
ravenstromdans Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2006
I know it's one of your older pieces, but it made a perfect holiday background for me at work. Thanks!!
firekittie Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2004  Professional General Artist
Oooooo, simply beautiful:!: I love the colours you used and the trees look awesome. And the cat on the pumpkin.. :D Great job:!: Keep it up!
SoraPyper Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2004  Professional General Artist
ack! this doesnt looke like the your normal work . i like this^_^ awsome job.
RandomReduX Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love her hair, this is a really great piece. :) Wonderful Halloween pic...
jmercedesd Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I lurv the background and the doll-like quality of the girl. True, she does looks a bit skewed, but that sort of gives a little eeriness to the image.

I actually like the rather difused and uncertain light source, it helps give the impression of a rainy sunset, where such things are rather difficult to determine.

My only nitpick is the cat. It looks more like a stuffed toy than an actual feline. This problem can easily be solved by moving the ears up higher on the head. ^_^
eyodius Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004

the face looks a bit flat, but that's okay.

and wow on the two hours thing. from scratch, something like that would probably take me a couple of days o.o
Ninjagecko Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
Wonderful piece. So melancholy... The cat makes it cute in a way.
moonlightfaerie90 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
great drawing...^_^ i loooove it^_^
Danosuke Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
I love the warm colors. The face is fascinating, it seems to just jump right out of the picture. (burn tools blah blah don't change the face it's perfect) It's true the light source is vague but that does not seem to be terribly important in this piece. What does bother me is that the visual path your eye follows goes down toward the pumpkin and cat and they both look unfinished. I'm not saying outline everything in the pumpkin and the cat just put some line work and more detail into it. As it stands it looks like it's in the same field of view but it's out of focus. When you draw water on the pumpkin dont actualy draw the whole outline of each drop. Just draw the highlights of the water.
AlexDP Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
Looks like you are getting better =), it looks good in general, but yeah, I have a few critiques:
1-the colors you used for her face donīt convince me... try to avoid using the burn and dodge tools (Iīm not sure if you did use them but meh), since those work most likely with saturation, I would recomend you to create a color palette and use it to diference the cold shades from the warm shades, the cold highligts form the warm highlights etc.
2- I canīt tell where the light is coming from, what confuses me most are the highligts in the hair, since sheīs got those in every curve, itīs hard to tell...

donīt get me wrong, it does look good =)
keep it up, you are getting better pretty fast

cya :P
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October 22, 2004
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