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Firefly - River by shinga Firefly - River by shinga
Though I am a HUGE Firefly fan, for some reason I never do fanart.

So here is River in a weird style that turned out weird.

In the Heist outfit from Serenity (movie obviously, not episode)

It is the costume that I am hoping to make for Halloween.

Yeah that's right.
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tHEaWESOMESTnAMEeVER Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
poor River, i felt so bad for her in the last episode
destructiveempathy Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She reminds me of Disney's Mulan in this picture. She's very well done! =]
YyanaOni Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
Firefly, one of the most original show's on TV and what does Fox do? Pull the plug and rip my heart out! T.T

Wonderful piece! ^.^
ChainedtoInsainity Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love the pic and the show, my Dad introduced me to it. Except for the doctor I love everyone and the movie was cool too. ^_^
Skeleton-Horse Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the style, it's very cool.
mnvan98 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
Ah, River.

"I can kill you with my brain."
O-D-D-program Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
whoo river! I love her.
RenaissanceOtaku Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
d-d-d-d-WOW!! As an avid-no-RABID Firefly fan, I approve!
crisurdiales Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
This is a very good piece of fanart. You should do more stuff like this is everything turns out so good. Congrats!
jcbm Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Thanks Shinga, for turning me on to Firefly. I love it! It even inspired a story of my own! ( Though why did they hve to kill Wash in the movie? That was sooo sad, I cried!)
BleedingAngel999 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
river's FAVORITE character. you depicted her well.
MaRge-KinSon Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I like it :)
LittleBitofCrazy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks really pretty! :+fav:
Grigori77 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Professional General Artist
Eep! :hug: Yay! A fellow Browncoat!
thatgirlanalise Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have so wanted that outfit since i saw it on the show. <333
cyclelight Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2009
Guilty, also a massive firefly fan (I've fin ally uploaded pics of the model I've been working on for a year)

I'm not sure what it is, but I really like this. it's got this subtle sadness to it, not terribly complex but highly asthetically pleasing.
I don't often favourite, but this is definately one for the book
Valkyhria Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009
Nice! I love her outfits in the movie, they suit her so much better than most of what she wears in the show.
Barefoot-Panda Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2009
My goodness! You play River well and you draw her well too! :D
sesame-cracker Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
I think the style suits her. You did a great job here.
2-5-9 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
Lovely picture.
rvmiv Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
i sometimes feel sorry for her
Ginnabean Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Great work! I featured you in my journal here: [link]

Let me know if you want me to take it down!
zentherebel Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
Stand back she can kill you with her brain!! I love river!
ShenzoeNailoPuck Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2008
TheMonkeyfish Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
That's've finally done it!

*flails uncontrollably squeeing and making bizarre sounds before passing out and slipping into a coma*
4411jessiebum Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
i LOVE it, it's awesome!
Tatooine92 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008  Student Writer
Wow, gorgeous work!
HailynSkye Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2008
I love both Firefland your style. Please do more!
myeyesinthemirror Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
it looks like you, nice pic.
Lowland-Swagger Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008
agent57 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007  Professional General Artist
Very nice! I like the expression a lot!
BloodlustSerenade Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist got River/Summer's look down.
An amazing job on a great character performed by a wonderful actress ^_^
OhlookitsMatty Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Professional General Artist
I love the colourin on her clothes

xBlackWindDragonx Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007
I think this turned out magnigifenct! You catpured River's sad, all knowing look
Alinedra Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Husband and i just started renting the series. (first three discs down, next three on tuesday =P )

This is Very nice. I love the style, it's fun to play with different ones =P Only thing i think looks funky is her toes ^_^
SanguinaBlodwyn Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007
Poor River...

Kenichi2point0 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007
Woo-hoo!:w00t: Another TALENTED Browncoat! Sweet pic of River!:wow:
WTE Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2007
Just beacuse of this picture I feel the urgency to watch it >_<
CraigOxbrow Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
She's suitably waiflike and distracted. The hair spilling over her face works particularly well, apparently dividing it up.
HimeRikkina Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Firefly is amazing! You should do more Fanart!! XD Mal is fantastic... Although I figure you more as a Jayne kinda girl XD
ruka-kou Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Best of luck with the costume - I love the drawing!
melissaIvory Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
if you do get the costume done, you should take a picture, to show how it turned out.

and this would be the greatest cosplay...
quev Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007
wow, that looks so much like river and her outfit is like the ones she wears in the show.
Great job
pennturwen Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
Firefly forever! Curse everyone who assisted in its cancellation!!!

That aside, this is a great pic. River's expression down to perfection.
xlightupthenight Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
dude, this is full of awesome.

good luck on the costume!
articulateneon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007   Writer
I love River. She would be my favorite character if it weren't for Kaylee, Mal, and Jayne. I just adore them all.
Stupid Fox for cancelling them after just eleven of fourteen episodes were aired.

Anyways. This is lovely. You've really gotten her slightly-neurotic haunted look. And I love her outfit.

-resists the urge to quote Firefly endlessly- Am I the only one that was disappointed with the movie? The casual deaths, the total lack of certain characters... Like, the whole thing with Book's past was never resolved! Ditto the obvious tension between Mal and Inara..
kajiq Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007
oh man very cool. There should definitely be more Firefly fanarts out there.
feedtheshifty Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
Best gorram sci-fi show in the verse, too bad it got canceled. Movie was a good way to end it.

Anyway, sweet take on River!
Silth Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
... Did I bring this on?o.o

And if you wore that costume for Halloween, that would be AWESOME. I'd go as Jayne. XD

I spelled his name wrong, didn't I?
lordfruitecake Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
I'm the same,I LOVE firefly but I have never done any fan rat for it...strange I think I'll be doing that sometime!
River can kill you with her brain.
Bullet in the brain pan squish!
Ok I'll stop quoteing now
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