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February 8, 2005
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Eye of the Beholder? by shinga Eye of the Beholder? by shinga
I was in a pretty crappy mood when I drew this. The plain ol' redhead would be me. And the angelic bombshell would be the world's widely-accepted perception of beauty. Which is most certainly not me. While part of me doesn't WANT to look like that at all, a big part of me wishes that the world would see MY type as beautiful too. But it won't happen, so I guess I'll stick with having a nice personality and leave it at that. :P
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Mordaris Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
It always amazes me how a singularly beautiful woman like you can see herself as anything but striking., redheads rock. ;)
AnimusNocturnus Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
Fishing for compliments? XD

Damn it girl. As far as I know (I've seen your uploaded photographs) you're really an eye-catcher.

Damn you, that an old drawing with outdated text still works your woman mind on me! Damn you I say! XD
Rael-014 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
I tend to disagree with society's preconceptions as a rule (they pick stupid rules).
ratchet-freak Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
I prefer the redhead than that blond bombshell for some reason
ComeAlongPond14 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can't say much besides "love."
Concolor44 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
"Plain ol' redhead" is it? Riiiiight.

I've seen pictures of you. There may be many words to describe your appearance, but "plain" is not included in that lexicon.

My first really serious girlfriend was of the type on the left in your drawing (except with chestnut hair as opposed to blond). Why she fixated on me, the archetypal geek, I will never know. But her physical beauty was ALL she had -- all that might be referred to in a positive light at any rate -- and I didn't marry her. I instead married the bookish, funny, sarcastic girl who has stuck with me for the last 28 years, is now and always will be my best friend, and whose laughter sometimes fills my heart to the point that I don't think my chest can take the strain.

To those who lack appreciation for your unique characteristics, I say, "Their loss." You will meet one who does one day. Just keep your eyes open. If my advice is out-of-date, so much the better!
Addi-Pink-Power Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010
I saw this awhile ago but I wasn't sure what to say to it. But I think I've got something.

Neither are ugly, neither are "teh most beautiful" they're both pretty in their own sense. It's stupid to compare the two. I knew this girl, she was GORGEOUS, she's six foot with dark almost black hair, she's slightly tan and has these beautiful blue eyes and she looks like Megan's fox's sister. I mean SRSLY HAWT. I'm a short, not like anorexic skinny but on the slighter side, I have no boobs, I have small features but a VERY Caucasian nose, and long brown hair. But I'm still pretty, I'm certainly not ugly by far. But I only saw our differences and how "she was prettier" "I'm not as pretty." "Zomg I'm ugly." Well when I first met her, I hated her. She was everything I wasn't and I really regret acting rude to her, later when I met with her again we started to get along and she was REALLY nice! I missed out for an entire YEAR that I could have been friends with her because of my stupid jealousy. Because I couldn't stop comparing.

One day I finally cracked and started crying saying how I was ugly and that she was really pretty and my mom told me that neither of us are ugly. We're just pretty in our OWN ways. Take for instance, Katy Perry and Megan Fox. JUST FOR INSTANCE, I know comparing movie stars is like "well duh both are beautiful regardless D<" but just pretend like I'm going somewhere with this and set aside the cynicism. Both are beautiful but different KINDS of beautiful, Megan Fox is a Play Boy kinda hot and Katy Perry is the girl next door kind of hot. Does that mean one is better then the other? No. They're both beautiful in their own sense. Or Disney's Ariel and Belle compared to Jasmine or Aurora(Sleeping Beauty) they're different KINDS of pretty but all are still beautiful in their own way! A way that you CAN'T compare because it's wouldn't be fair.They are pretty but in a way that is unique to them.

Once again I know the whole "Disney princess and movie stars are pretty regardless D<" thing probably seems to be getting annoying. But what about different cultures and their idea of beauty. In Thailand they consider very beautiful for a woman to have those neck rings so they get the long necks. Back in the Greek and Roman empire times plumper women were considered much more beautiful over a skinny little thing. In parts of Africa it's considered very beautiful for someone to have those lip disks in. To you or me this could seem weird or odd, but it's not it's just different. My tall model friend could go to Africa and be called ugly because her skin is lighter then theirs and she doesn't have a lip disk! Or Megan Fox or Katy Perry could go back in time to the Roman and Greek empire times and be considered ugly because they are too skinny. Beauty is skin deep anyway so why bother comparing, you only live once(as far as I know) so why waste it comparing and being angry, jealous, resentful or sad because of societies standards of beauty. I mean really, when has society ever shown you it's intelligence. I mean jeez about sixty years ago a black person wasn't even treated equal to a white person! That was "normal" to mistreat a black person like a less then! Do you really want to use "average society" as a measure of anything. Average society is filled with dumb asses anyway >:/

If you live in the US(which I THINK I read somewhere that you do but you could be in Canada for all I know :shrug:)then you have multiple races and all have their own standard of beauty. Even though we're a mixed society(well usually United States XD) we have multiple races and none is better or worse then any of the other ones. Asian girls aren't prettier then black girls, a light skinned black girl is not prettier then a white girl, or a white girl is not prettier then a Hispanic girl. They're all different and of course you can't compare them because they are beautiful in their OWN UNIQUE WAY.

Now I know this is an old deviation so you might not feel this way any more but this is also to the people who are commenting. Such...ugly behavior. Maybe Shinga doesn't need to read this, but some of the commenters sure the hell do!

Stop comparing. It's what causes neurosis and unhappiness. It's ALWAYS "Well HIS car is shinier then MY car." or "well HER butt is smaller then MY butt" and then we get upset because we want to be "the most" I don't care who you are, EVERYONE wants to be special. EVERYONE wants to be "beautiful" or "cool" or "awesome" and everyone is, but in a different sense. I must say though, the comments in this are pissing me off. It's not about "well I think teh blonde chick is ugly! she has no personality!111!" or "Well I think YOUR more beautiful!111" "Well the blonde girl is gonna be sad and alone someday!!111!""Well I think the blonde girl will be sad and alone cause she's a bitch(heres something that made me laugh) THEY ALL ARE!" "They all", what are you inferring? That because she's "beautiful" that she should be lumped together with every other girl whose deemed as "beautiful" and she's probably "jus liek teh rest of dem..." because she looks a certain way? Congratulations, you've just earned "most closed minded hypocrite of the year" award! Take a bow, you've earned it.

It's not ABOUT comparison! IT's not ABOUT the blonde chick being a bitch! She could be freaking snow white for all you know! She could be THE nicest girl you've ever met but because people are jealous or automatically make an assumption you will not know until you've talked to her! Of course this is purely hypothetical since you will not EVER meet her because she's a DRAWING but going along with this train of thought anyway..."Well she's probably a bitch anyway." "Well she's probably a slut anyway." "Well she's got a smaller nose/biggerboobs/ longer hair then me so I don't like her!" Most of the time this is all unconscious thoughts but that's whats wrong with people today(fff today, who am I kidding humans have done this throughout time so scratch that...) We like to lay the blame at someone else's feet. Say that THEY are the ones making you or me or anyone else life miserable, we always have a right to choose what we want to be and how happy we are. I know that sounds a little "there IS no spoon D<" but it's true, it's all in your head. We as people have the ability to choose if we want to be happy no matter how bad the situation is. It's nobody else's problem if we have a problem with ourselves.

Oh shit this was really REALLY long I am so sorry about that XD And I'm kinda all over the map because I have so many things I just GOTTA SAY!!1!!! But not enough room :( So Shinga if you read this, I'm not saying you still feel this way and I'm not saying that there is a problem with the commenters. I'm saying, seriously people, SRSLY D8, stop saying one is more beautiful then the other, they're both beautiful. I think Shinga is very beautiful, I also think Hilary Duff is beautiful, and Katy Perry and Megan Fox. But to make such nasty comments about one being a nasty bitch because she looks a certain way is not the kind of person I'm sure most people want to be.

Sum: Wake up, take charge of what you're saying and don't compare and belittle and just, demean one thing over another. Don't assume that because one person looks one way that they're gonna act a certain way. Don't sink low as to mock or make rude comments about one because they have something you do or don't have. Everyone is beautiful, to compare just shows that you aren't following your own advice "beauty is only skin deep" because to compare is to be ugly on the inside.

Whoa that got preachy *is shot* But really, I cannot stress enough how we need to stop making comparisons and such. And I also apologize for running around in circles in my argument I'm sure I repeated myself plenty of times XD And yes I am a hypocrite for saying others are ugly on the inside for comparing that would make ME ugly on the inside for stating it in the first place. Oh well. I'm over it. Bah, this is getting too long D< Oh and no I'm not interested in picking a fight, for someone to fight with me over this isn't going to alter reality and stop the blonde from being a DRAWING or make Shinga's art any less awesome. K thanks.
Frau-Nordlicht Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2010
i totally agree!!

but its still hard to be positive on all that, if you have problems with self esteem, like me. im the complete opposite of what is considered beautiful and its really frustrating when people judge you worse than they judge "beautiful" people. and thats a fact - if you are "beautiful" you have a easier life.
Addi-Pink-Power Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010

It is hard to be positive because it's so, frusterating. I used to think I was ugly, I really worried I'd never fall in love because nobody would love someone as ugly as me. Then I reached a certain point when I said "fuck it, I don't care what people think, if I look like a horses ass, so be it, people don't have to look."

I do see where you're coming from but that's exactly the thing I want to get across. Being beautiful or ugly doesn't make life easier or worse. Being beautiful, things don't just come to you. Same with being ugly, things don't just come to you. Working for what you want does. Anything worth having won't come easily and if you think that being beautiful would change that then you must know that whatever they're getting so easily probably isn't worth having anyway. I hate that saying "when you're beautiful you get what you want" because it's not true. That's like saying "if I was black I could dance" or "if I was Asian I could do math well." it's a stereotype and it's stupid. Anyone can dance, anyone can do math. Don't be stupid and bigotted like that, it's not a good way to go through life. On a related matter, beauty only gets people so far. Karma comes around to everyone, pretty or not, what goes around comes around.

Anyway sorry I think I need to get off my soap box now XD If you worry about what otehr people think, fuck 'em, if they're only going to look on the outside they're losers not worth your time anyway :hug:
FCARVALLO Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2010
You are lovely!! The "bombshells" usually are nasty b*otches for the most part (Insert my brother's first Psycho-Barbie girlfriend in here). Their beauty is just skin deep and once they get older and their looks go to hell, they have nothing else to fall on! Your spirituallity will hold you when you get older. My grandmother & mother (who's 77 and looks great BTW)never acted like they were "glamour" girls. Their dignity and class is what carried them over into their "maturity" with grace. Be happy with what you are, all of us in this posting think you're terrific!
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